Home Birth Midwifery

We offer comprehensive home birth care for families through pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. Prenatal and postpartum visits are also done in the comfort of your home. Your delivery may include waterbirth if you desire or just a tub for labor support. Prenatals are done monthly until 28 weeks, then every two weeks until 36 weeks, then weekly until delivery. Postpartums are done as needed and include lactation support if desired.

Placenta Encapsulation

Some people choose to have their placenta prepared into capsule form.  The results vary by individual and we cannot guarantee specific results as with any herbal protocol.  However, some feedback indicates that it may have a tremendous impact on feelings of strength and well-being, strengthened immune system, increased milk supply, emotional balance, halting hair loss and restoring iron levels back to normal.

Birth Doula Care

Having a doula at your delivery can decrease the chances of unwanted interventions and increase your overall satisfaction with your experience. On a case by case basis, the midwife may agree to take on a doula client if she has an opening not taken up by a home birth client. She brings over a decade of experience in attending births both outside and within the hospital and her extra clinical knowledge can help you navigate your delivery.

Postpartum Overnight Care

Upon availability, you may hire the midwife to support you overnight during the postpartum period. Juli brings a wealth of experience with both singletons and multiples and can help families get a good night's sleep. She can also assist with feeding/nursing and newborn care skills. If you are feeling tired and alone, please reach out. If the midwife isn't available, she can help you find someone who is so you can access the support you need.