Our Values

A spiritual midwife operates from a place of deep respect and reverence for life. She understands suffering and is therefore capable of magnanimous compassion. Such a midwife is able to stand in her strength yet be as flexible as a willow branch in the wind, in order to withhold her projections and refrain from disturbing the process of labor and birth. A good midwife tends her spiritual garden and nurtures it, making sure she herself is nourished from the Divine Source.

When a midwife is afraid, her own fear will influence the progress of the labour and birth. To overcome her fear, a midwife needs to know herself on a primal level and understand the place from which her fear originates. She also needs to learn and know extensively the anatomy and physiology of labor and birth and continue learning throughout her lifetime. A good midwife will recognize each mother’s unique composition and allow her labor and birth to unfold in her own individual pattern. A good midwife spends her time waiting for babies and never tires of listening to the mother or loving her.

While a true midwife may love and bond with each baby born as if it was her own, she facilitates each mother and baby’s bonding and attachment style with loving assistance and acceptance. Labor and birth is not about the business of being born, but rather it is about love, tremendous yielding and immense self discovery.

A spiritual midwife observes where there is a lack and acknowledges the responsibility she has to Great Spirit to fill the lack, impart the knowledge and share her skill. A spiritual midwife is skilled and practical and this coupled with a recognition of the divine source of all life gives her the tools to meet the needs of pregnant women, unborn babies, fathers to be and the expectant community.

Our world desperately needs midwives at this time who are filled with courage, are unafraid to take a stand against both the desecration of biological birth and the lack of midwifery services in areas of need. Our world needs midwives who are willing to protect spiritual birth.