About The Midwife

Juli Anderson is a spiritual, traditional midwife, based in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts.

Juli's Story


Juli Anderson is the mother of two (now adult) children and the grandmother of one so far. Her own experience of having hospital births in the mid 80s left her disappointed and disempowered. 

Once her children were grown she felt called to step fully into the alternative birth world and become a homebirth midwife. She longed to be of service to birthing families, and empower them with more choices around their births. She began her studies in Los Angeles, CA, training under several home birth providers including the home birth ObGyn Stuart Fischbein, of the Birthing Instincts podcast. This unique setting allowed her to train in more unusual deliveries like VBACs, breech and twin births. Juli graduated from the MEAC accredited National Midwifery Institute in Bristol, Vermont.

Juli's unique background combines the intuition of traditional midwifery and a strong sense of the spiritual side of the childbearing transition.  Juli is fully supportive and embraces all families of every shape, size, color, creed, background, belief, sexual or gender identity. You will find love and caring at Open Heart Midwifery.

"Your birth will be without a doubt one of the most profound experiences of your life, and choosing your birth professionals is one of the most important decisions you will make. I believe that it is important that expectant parents and birth professionals connect on a deep level to insure that the birth experience is as positive as possible. Ultimately, I trust that birth is a natural process and if left uninterrupted in most cases, happens beautifully and gracefully. Each birth has a story and that story has already been written - I’m here to hold space for you and remind you of your strength as a family. Parents connect with me because I believe that birth is also a spiritual journey, and everything that is involved with birth: preconception, conception, pregnancy, delivery, postpartum, etc. is a spiritual journey." - Juli Anderson 

There is a Midwife 
for Everyone.


I feel that the parents who choose me as their birth professional do so out of a mutual connection and “fit”. We would be a good fit if some or all of these qualities describe you and the type of birth you’re looking for:

  • You’re interested in the spiritual side of birth.
  • You’re willing to dig deep.
  • You lead a healthy lifestyle.
  • You enjoy clean eating.
  • You’re looking for a conscious delivery.
  • You understand or are willing to learn that birth is one of the most important parts of life for everyone involved, baby included.